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In the heart of West Flanders, Belgium, where the remembrance of the First World War lives on. It is there were our passion of watches and history came together...

As a child living within Fields of Flanders I played around the WWI cemetries, in the trenches and bunkers. I was impressed by the leftovers and the way WWI took over the region, even today...
Growing up, the interest in history took over from playing around, as did my second passion developed: watches…
The great way of engineering gears and springs untill it managed to keep up our precious time has always intrigued me.
It didn't took long before I started to open up old watches to see and feel how they were made and what it takes to keep good time.

As the years went by my interest grew in pilot watches, watches who needs to keep track of time in the most accurate way. 

I decided to start developing my own watchbrand, an honor to the pilots who flew during WWI.
After some research I came across Nieuport . Nieuport was a French company who made small fighter planes, these planes flew above the heads of thousand soldiers during the war. Nieuport planes were fast, accurate and flexible, but also well-known for there quality and reliability.

With this in mind we started developing our watches, we wanted to keep the design as close to the WWI watches as possible. That's why you won't find any logo's, excessive texts or other non-necessarily features on our watches.
Just sober, easy readably dials as they were needed when flying a Nieuport plane.

Our movements are decorated hand-wound artpieces close to the original movements during WWI. As we are proud of these movements we will always provide you with an exhibition caseback.

Our watches are designed & the total set is assembled in Dentergem, a small city in Belgium.

By owning a Nieuport time instrument we hope you own a small remembrance to a War that shouldn't be forgotten, a war that not only killed millions of people, but in some way also accelerated the industrial revolution, on the ground and in the air….

Best regards,

Nicolas Vannieuwenhuyze    -     Céline Desmet

Founders Nieuport time instrument Belgium

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